• Warehouse Capacity
    750,000 sf
    120 dock doors
    throughout the Southeastern U.S.

5 Strategic Advantages for Customers in Southeastern U.S.

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CalArk Warehousing & Distribution

CalArk offers warehousing and distribution services for national and regional customers looking to improve logistics operations across the southeastern U.S.

Our dedicated services are ideal for companies needing a partner to streamline their logistics costs and improve last-mile delivery.

By choosing CalArk as their 3PL partner for dedicated warehousing and distribution, companies benefit from these strategic advantages:

  • CalArk is Asset Based – Investment Free for the Customer
  • CalArk Guarantees Capacity – Because “Maybe” Isn’t Good Enough
  • CalArk Utilizes Technology – In the Warehouse & On the Road
  • CalArk is an Agile Partner – A Small 3PL with Big Results

  • CalArk Provides Customized Solutions – It’s All About the Customer

With locations strategically placed throughout the southeastern U.S., CalArk’s dedicated warehousing and transportation solutions serve customers that manufacture and distribute auto-parts, HVAC, electronics, office supplies, furniture, technology, medical, and retail.

Improve your last-mile logistics process — call us today at (501) 221-4853 option 4.