Strategic Advantages with —
CalArk’s Dedicated Distribution Solutions

Specifically designed for national and regional companies looking to improve last mile logistics across the southeastern U.S., CalArk solutions leverage several key strategic advantages:

Asset Based – Investment Free

Guaranteed Capacity – Because “Maybe” Isn’t Good Enough

Technology - In the Warehouse & On the Road

Agility – A Small 3PL with Big Results

Customized Solutions – It’s All About the Customer


– Improving Processes and Reducing Costs

CalArk provides both startup and day-to-day business advantages that improve bottom-line performance:

Capital-Free Start-Up or Expansion

With access to CalArk resources – trucks, equipment, technology support and more – customers can start or expand their logistics operations without capital investments. Where you are already asset-heavy with trucks or warehouse space, you may opt to sell those resources – generating a bottom-line advantage.

Regulatory Freedom

Leaving the regulatory burden to CalArk, you can avoid the reporting, risks, and costs associated with logistics-related compliance efforts.

Cost Avoidance: Maintenance, Personnel, Insurance

You don’t have to worry about fleet or warehouse maintenance costs – including preventive, corrective, replacement, and upgrade activities. You are also free from hiring, training, managing, and payroll activities for the warehousing and transportation staff. And insuring for logistics related risks is another task you can leave to CalArk.

Fast Implementation

With CalArk assets already in place or quickly provided, you can quickly tap into new markets. If you need a warehouse, a new implementation plan is usually operational within 90 days of agreement.
CalArk supports each site startup with network modeling tool that identifies optimal warehouse locations. We also provide expertise in warehouse layout for efficient workflow.

Scalable Solutions

The CalArk footprint includes CalArk owned or managed warehouses in Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and Florida. Additional locations are planned within the next year. If you prefer to manage your own warehouses, CalArk offers dedicated carriage options.


– Because “Maybe” Isn’t Good Enough

With CalArk as your 3PL partner, you’ll gain instant access to guaranteed capacity for agreed routes, schedules, volume, and price. Guaranteed capacity is possible because each CalArk solution is built on relationships:

Employees, Not Contractors

All drivers, warehouse operators, customer service representatives, and management personnel are CalArk employees. The benefits for CalArk customers are clear:

Employees are Knowledgeable CalArk employees receive training in all aspects of regulatory issues, operations, systems, and customer service. You’ll have a knowledgeable team dedicated to creating efficient and cost-effective solutions for the customer.

Employees are Invested in Success High-quality, dependable service is a feature that can be a challenge for non-asset based 3PLs. CalArk excels in meeting customer needs because employees are dedicated to the company’s success. Why? Because CalArk is dedicated to the employees - providing a safe working environment, reliable equipment, steady workload, and a commitment to employee work-life balance.

CalArk promotes from within to retain the best people. Consistency in staffing – having the same team in place every day – enables strong collaboration and working relationships with customers.


CalArk employs a “next-door” strategy to guarantee capacity. Each warehouse is targeted to reside within 150 miles of the delivery point. Why 150 miles? At 150 miles, drivers can make a round-trip and be home each night for dinner with the family. It means a driver runs the same route, works with the same customer, and builds relationships – day in, day out. 150 miles means driver retention. And driver retention means guaranteed capacity for CalArk customers.


– In the Warehouse & On the Road

High-tech solutions are typically hard to find in smaller 3PL providers. With our 650+ truck fleet at the heart of CalArk’s strategy, it’s critical to track the status of truck and driver from pickup to delivery. Monitoring both with our Transportation Manager technology enables the company to control hours of service, fuel management, asset performance, safety, and productivity.

Delivery Technology

To simplify delivery and improve quality, CalArk uses an extended productivity suite and proof of delivery application. Features include electronic signatures, barcode scanning, photo capture, and document imaging among others.

Warehouse Technology

In a CalArk managed warehouse, customers can depend on secure and accurate inventories. Key warehouse technology includes:

  • Web-based access to warehouse management system (WMS) reports and queries
  •  Real-time order and shipment visibility
  •  EDI capability
  •  Barcoding
  •  Customer-controlled settings and conditional alerts
  •  Customizable pack slips, order allocation methods, low-level goods tracking (pallet, date, and more)

Designed to simplify the customer’s receiving process, CalArk’s systems reduce paperwork, improve document shipment quality, and reduce mistakes. The result? Increased productivity, enhanced customer service, and access to real-time information.

Driver-Empowering Technology

CalArk drivers also enjoy a dispatch-free working environment enabled through on-board computers and GPS. The benefit for CalArk and customers is real-time visibility of the truck and the goods. With CalArk, the answer to “When will the goods arrive?” is no longer an estimate.


– We're a "Small" 3PL that delivers Big Results

When choosing a 3PL, you need a partner who responds quickly and effectively. With larger 3PLs, warehousing and distribution services often bring complexity. And complexity often gets in the way of customer expectations.

CalArk, with its smaller, more agile size, offers several unique advantages:

Laser Focus

By concentrating on two primary disciplines – truck-load and dedicated logistics – CalArk has become best in class is executing accurate, on-time deliveries over “the last mile.” We are laser focused on continually improving our technology platform, our training protocols and how our asset-based resources are making each CalArk customer more competitive within their markets.

Service for All Markets

Not just a metro player, CalArk provides dedicated service in rural and under-served areas other 3PLs overlook. Working in rural areas has driven CalArk to be more efficient. That efficiency translates to lower costs for customers.

Employee Based

Our smaller size enables CalArk to be an employee-only provider, boosting reliability and accountability throughout your supply chain.

Fast Action, Quality Service

A larger 3PL is often forced to contract labor, limiting their ability to control quality.


Privately-owned, and financially sound, CalArk is able to invest where needed, when needed. This means you have access to a late model fleet, state of the art technology, customer-centric software solutions, investments in safety, and more.


– Being Flexible for the Customer

While customer expectations often vary, the CalArk commitment to customer satisfaction does not. Some customers stress three key delivery expectations: on-time, damage-free, and accurate. Other customers value delivery notifications or customer service responsiveness. That’s why each CalArk solution is customized to meet new or changing requirements. Our tight-knit management team enjoys a flatter structure than most larger 3PLs. And fewer decision makers means faster decisions – agility the customer needs.