Warehouse Services

CalArk provides almost any warehouse service required – timely, accurately, and efficiently. Our standard services include:

  • Pre- and post-production storage
  • Pool Distribution – breaking full loads built for economy of scale into last mile deliveries
  • Cross-Docking – moving freight from full trucks to outbound trailers with minimal or no storage between moves.
  • Trans Loading Storage - warehousing for pre- or post-transportation mode change
  • Pick-pack fulfillment and other support activities such as repackaging, labeling, and sub-assembly
  • Deconsolidation – break down containers for storage or delivery
  • Kitting, sub-assembly, repackaging and labeling, as well as other activities

Distribution Services

CalArk meets customer distribution needs via multiple delivery options:

  • Pool distribution
  • Cartage for local metro support
  • Last mile delivery service
  • Routed distribution
  • White glove – for items requiring extra-special handling
  • Residential deliveries